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How Domino QQ Works

How Domino QQ Works

Domino games have been around for almost nine centuries. For a game to survive that long, then it has to be super fantastic. With the influx in online sites, domino is again surging in popularity, and you cannot help but wish you could join in on all the fun. This article is to give you a guide through the game of dominoes.

Basics of Domino QQ

Domino is not your standard card game. Instead, it uses tiles where there are cards and sets where there are decks. What is even more unique with these tiles is the two numbers each contains on each side.

It shows 21 different possible combinations. A good example is a tile with one side three, and the other side 6; the tile, therefore, is referred to as 3-6 or 6-3. But if tiles have the same numbers on both sides, it’s referred to as a double.

A common term used is pips to mean the total numbers on each tile. There are two most popular variations of dominoes. These are Block Games and Draw games. Today’s focus is on Block games.

How to play Domino QQ Block Games

It’s probably the most played of all Harapanqq games. It’s unsurprising considering how simple it is to grasp the rules. Block games need two players. Each player picks least seven tiles from the 28 double sets lying face down on the table. The remaining 21 tiles are usually put away for the next game, and you can’t use them again in the ongoing match.

The first player puts a random tile face up, and the other player picks one as well and places it next to the first. The rule here is that the other player has to put a card with the same pips as the first. For example, if the first tile was a 2-6, the next tile needs two or a 6. It goes on for the round.

Winning is another issue. You win if you finish all your tiles before the other player and announce ‘dominoes,’ Your points are the total number of pips the other has. And you can continue playing as many rounds as you desire.

In the Block game, it’s common for the game to end with a block. If a player cannot play a tile to match the pips on the playing table, he/she pass their turn to the next player. But if the next player is also unable, it’s a block because they all have the tiles left.

The winner is, therefore, one who has the least amount of pips. For example, if I have 2-6, 1-3, and 4-4, my total pips are the addition of all those numbers, 20. And you have 2-2 and 6-4 left, your pips are 14, and you win.


A domino is quite a fun game and easy to play. You can give it a shot for fun or real money. All in all, be sure of fun time ahead.


Evaluate The Difference Of Poker Vs Slots In Online Casinos And Which One Is More Renowned

Online casino gaming offers a world full of choices, bold colors, excitement, luck, and best of all, winnings! The traffic driven to online casino gaming has shot through the roof as technology continues to expand. However, because there are so many choices to pick from, getting lost in the excitement and vivid experience, narrowing down what to play is the first step to finding a game that is ideal for your game style. Let’s take a look at Poker versus Slots and examine what makes them different, as well as finding out what one is the more popular choice for online casino gaming.

Online Casino Style Slots

Slot machines have been around for many years. They are one of the driving factors of why online 온라인카지노 casinos started to emerge in the beginning. They are bright, engaging, and exciting to play once the game is understood. They have a variety of options to choose from, from a three-wheel spinner to a five wheel spinner, all of which make them more interesting to play. However, as they emerged online, the casino companies wanted to make them stand out and offered to put in different characters, colors and winning options to let individuals make the most out of their time spent playing the game.

It worked wonders. People all around the globe started spinning the wheels and won from small amounts to large jackpots. Each slot machine is unique but similar to other slots. The point of the game is to pull a lever and watch the wheels spin to match or line up a selected group of pictures on the wheels, and listen to the bells ring if you won. Some of the slots have options to stop the wheels from spinning to maximize the winning potential. Slots are loud and fun to play and many can get lost in the game for hours at a time trying to hit that jackpot that continues to grow over time. They take lower amounts of statistical thinking and are fantastic at keeping you excited for the next spin.

Online Casino Poker

Poker is a card game that offers critical thinking, strategy, and engagement with others. However, when playing it online, you don’t usually have to speak to others or let them see you face while you make your game play choices. Poker has long existed as a favorite card game in the history of humankind, however, as technology expanded, so did the options of playing with others around the globe on a digital device.

Online Poker has many different types of variations from Texas Holdem to Five Card Draw. They each have their own set of rules to follow and it is a game based on skill over luck. Many people love the game of poker as it creates an atmosphere of higher cognitive processes to win the hand at play.

Poker Vs. Slots Popularity Contest

The comparison between online Poker and Slots is simply one is created after a machine, and the other after a card game. Each has its unique benefits, and one requires more technical skill over the other of luck. Slots are based on the spinning wheels of luck, while poker is influenced through calculated risks. Both are a blast to play and both offer options to win large amounts of money.

However, to determine which one is more popular can be based on a statistical fact. An average of 6% of people plays online poker while an average of 46% of people plays online slots. But that should not be the deciding factor on what one you should play. So, go play them both and find out what one fits your game style, who knows you might end up liking them both!

Betting during the pandemic: Top three sports that are a ‘hit’ in the community

Betting during the pandemic: Top three sports that are a ‘hit’ in the community

Like other things, sports is one of the many routines postponed within the effects of the pandemic.

Every other tournament was shutting down mid-march. Betting boards looked like a clean slate. It’s no surprise that 100% of commercial casinos in the U.S. were also closed. Team players, coaches, and bettors are the people affected in the sports community. And the game season is canceled for everyone’s safety until further notice.

It’s only a matter of time that the community adjusts to new alternatives and technological options in the world of sports and betting. In the meantime, here are the top three sports that are quite a hit in the betting community.

Russian Table Tennis, comrade?

Playing four matches a day, the Russian table tennis- or ping pong for that matter, is an unexpected hit to sports bettors who were looking forward to their usual stuff (March Madness, NBA and NHL playoffs). Despite the twelve-hour difference and delayed internet glitches, it is a great choice in sports playbooks. William Hill’s director of trading Nick Bogdanovich says that ping pong’s volume is similar to an NHL card’s nightly 10-game. It could be a challenge to bettors, learning the entirety of a game and how it works. Major leagues are playing right now, like the Moscow Liga Pro and Ukraine’s Setka Cup. One crowd favorite is Russian player Vladimir Zhulyabin, who previously won against the same opponent 11 over 14 times of playing. Who knows, people may stick around with ping pong after the pandemic.

NASCAR says hello

After leaving Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 13 in consideration of previous events, NASCAR replaced canceled races with eNASCAR, a racing simulation that features pro racers. But just this May 17th, NASCAR returned to the racetrack at Darlington and will be operating but with increased safety measures. This means we’re back to business as usual with Darlington as its first stop in its complete season (ending in November). Alex Bowman and Kurt Busch are options to consider in the betting card.

Esports, the core of sports in a social-distancing world

This has transitioned easily to the events of the outbreak and might be considered as a solution to bookies. Even the NBA has its featured slot, with NBA2k Players Tournament live on ESPN. CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA2 has also been owning it. The increase of Steam users has increased, and Luckbox (esports betting platform) reported a 54 percent rise in new player registrants after the English Premier League’s cancellation. It does, indeed, showcase the potential of esports in the betting market.

Some of these sports may not what we consider the ‘traditional options’, but with the coronavirus outbreak, we need to adapt to these changes. And option-wise, the betting business like 토토사이트 will be able to continue as usual.

Beginner’s Guide to Baseball Betting

Beginner’s Guide to Baseball Betting

Betting is the act of placing stakes on a team for you to get a profit or a loss. Nowadays, betting is a part of most sports and games. Below are some of the tips that can help beginner’s place bets on baseball.

Home advantage

Just like it’s done in other kinds of sports, the home team has an advantage for winning the game. Also, this can vary by checking their history of away and home results to and get detailed data on which team to place a bet on. For example, a team that has never lost in a home match can be a sure bet, but the odds will be low. It would be better if you choose a home team with a good home winning history but have recently lost a few games. Such a team is more likely to give you a good betting result with better profits.

Starting pitchers

As a beginner in baseball, you should evaluate the game in terms of the starting pitcher as they have a greater probability of winning the game than others. However, you need to track many pitchers for you to make the final decision. It will be possible to increase your chances of winning if you research how they do at home and on the road.

Studying the bullpens

After being sure that the starting pitcher is strong, you should consider the bullpen because even if the pitcher is strong, it can be costly if the bullpen is weak. Moreover, a strong bullpen enables the manager to get a great start even if the starting pitcher was strong. To have a good prediction of the game, you should consider keeping track of bullpens of many teams.

Current Pitcher usage and weakness

By checking the current pitcher’s usage and weakness, one can know who is available in the pitch and if they are tired or injured. If one had played the last two games, he might not perform as expected in the other games. You can avoid losing bets by keeping track of every game the pitcher plays. During gaming, players are susceptible to injuries and bad stretches, and it is a good indication that the game can favor you. If you can predict the pitching results well, you have a higher likelihood to win.

When catchers need rest

Most teams have few good catchers, and others may not have one. The critical thing to note for a team with a single catcher is when the catcher is going to rest. An example is when you track the team’s ERA to help you to know which catcher is assisting the pitcher.

Follow all these tips, and you will be well-versed with the game. You can find a lot of baseball statistics to help you with your bets on http://www.usipv6.com 야구 경기 일정.

Baseball and when you should not bet

Baseball and when you should not bet

Baseball is one of the most popular sports to place bets on, but even though it is a great sport to place bets on, there are many instances where you should not place a bet. Baseball statistics (see viverismanagement.com EPL 분석) help to make predictions and are very beneficial in determining probable outcomes. Sometimes the statistics do not matter, or there is not enough evidence to prove that a bet is going to be successful. These are times where you should not bet. There are three bets that come to mind when thinking of what not to bet on in baseball. The first happens to be betting on rookie pitchers. It is not likely that a rookie pitch would be in the top 10 or even 20 pitchers in the league. This is because rookie pitchers are too unpredictable. They are inexperienced and there is not enough evidence that the pitcher will be successful. Without much experience in the major leagues, it is likely that they would make errors that veteran pitchers would not make.

Another bet that should not be made on baseball is betting against the home team in the series. Home teams have an advantage by playing on the field that they practice on. They also are in their team’s town which has many fans cheering their favorite team on. The team on the road also has a disadvantage due to the fact that they had to travel, which usually takes a lot out of a person. In addition to the fact that they may not have the resources to get ready for a game that they may have at their team’s hometown. The home team has a major advantage and gambling against them in a series does not always have a favorable outcome.

Another way that you should not place bets in baseball, is by betting against winning teams. This may go against the previous advice on not betting against the home team, however, it is not likely that a team will win every game of a series. Usually, teams can win about four games in a row and as they get to the fourth game, it is less likely that they will win again. That is why it is more beneficial to gamble at the beginning of the series rather than at the end. It is not a good idea to place a bet on the same team that won four games in a row, unless you are very confident in the team you are betting on. Looking at statistics can help you decide if your team is more likely to have a larger winning streak and keep it.

Basketball Bets That Will Earn You Money

Basketball Bets That Will Earn You Money

Betting is among the ways through which sports enthusiasts get to earn money. If you are a basketball enthusiast, the probability is that you are already eyeing betting. Well, the good news is that you are a step away from laughing all the way to the bank. However, before that happens you need to know which bets are going to earn you money. Here we help you know what type of bets you can place with basketball.


These bets allow you to wager on specific things that will happen in the game. Most times you can just work with your imagination when it comes to finding out the percentage in goals between specific teams. When a league like the NBA is ongoing for example, this is the best time to make proposition bets. Trying to figure out things like which players will get the very first points can help you when it comes to making proposition bets. Also, during the NBA league season, you can choose to pay attention to what basketball bookmarkers have to say hence enabling you to make the right decision with your bets.


Some basketball bettors are good at multitasking and the good thing is that betting also has a slot for people like you. Parlays give you the option of placing your wager on a minimum of two games and a maximum of twelve. The best thing is that if all the games win according to your prediction then you will be on your way laughing all the way to the bank. If you want more money, the best thing to do is to bet on the bigger parlay. Meaning if you are successful with your bet then the cheque will be way bigger. Always look out for parlay tips from basketball bookmarkers and you will be able to win your bets.

Point spreads

The rule here is simple. The bet is entered according to the probability of winning or losing a certain team. This is more of a battle between the favorites and the underdogs. What happens here is that in most instances the favorites get to lay points to the underdogs. The favorites more often than not are the expected winners while the underdogs are the expected losers. This is what as a basketball punter you will use to find the difference in equality. Point spreads are the favorite bets that most punters across all sports use and this is something that you can bank on to make money.

One thing that you need to note is that the one way to making money in basketball betting apart from the given betting tips is by ensuring that you have done your research right and that you are disciplined. This way you will seldom go wrong with your bets. A good place to start your research would be victoriahighlandersfc.com NBA 뉴스.

Want to Make the Most Out of Online Poker? Here’s How to Use the LAG Playstyle

Want to Make the Most Out of Online Poker? Here’s How to Use the LAG Playstyle

Whether you are an avid poker player or if you are just starting in the field, learning about different strategies is the key to scoring some massive wins. While there are many of these playstyles to learn, the Loose Aggressive (LAG) strategy is often cited by experienced players due to its overall efficacy.

One of the best things about the LAG playstyle is its ability to be applied to online poker games just as well as their real world counterpart. To help you learn how to use LAG in online poker, here is an easy to understand guide about this playstyle.

How Does LAG Work?

If you hold some knowledge on poker strategies, then the mention of Loose Aggressive would immediately ring a bell due to its association with the more popular Tight Aggressive (TAG) playstyle. However, LAG differs from TAG due to a variety of reasons.

For starters, the LAG strategy uses a more sporadic approach as compared to the constricted TAG. The LAG playstyle also makes use of additional hands in a single game. With that being said, LAG still goes by an aggressive play throughout the game.

Due to these qualities, the LAG playstyle can be highly useful in buying you some added leverage. This holds true whether you are standing against real world players or trying your hand in an online poker setting.

How to Exploit a LAG Playstyle in Online Poker?

While executing the LAG playstyle in online poker, you have to follow pretty much the same rules as a real world poker table. This means that if you have ever played LAG in real life, you can easily apply the strategy to an online setting without much worry.

You just need to make sure that you are keeping the following crucial points about the playstyle in mind.

1) Steal Pre-Flop Pots With a Clear Strategy

By default, your goal is to be as aggressive as possible while still making way for additional hands. This is why, you need to strategize to steal as many pots before the “flop”, which is when the first three cards on the table are revealed.

You can achieve this feat by focusing on getting raises before the flop is dealt. Depending upon the table, you can do so through a variety of incremental bets.

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

In order to apply the LAG playstyle in all its glory, you need to put your fears of losing behind you. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid of making multiple raises in even post-flop play.

Being focused on raising bets at opportune times puts optimal pressure on your opponents. It also helps you in steering clear of being put in a spot and increases the number of hands in a game.

3) Make Your Decisions With a Clear Strategy

LAG is all about baring your claws and going ahead with an aggressive approach in as many hands as possible. However, you still need to read the room and make these decisions in a strategic manner.

Rather than being aggressive for the sake of it, make sure to control your attacks for specific hands. This means that you shouldn’t back down from multiple raises. But you still need to be unpredictable. For many players, that is where the “loose” in Loose Aggressive comes from.

By striking the perfect balance between being controlled and being aggressive, you can master LAG for aplikasi judi online poker in no time.

The Genius of LAG Online Poker Playstyle and Why you Should Learn It

The Genius of LAG Online Poker Playstyle and Why you Should Learn It

Want to learn new skills, engage your brain, and make money online? It’s possible with online poker, so take it a step further with LAG poker playstyle. LAG (loose aggressive) play in poker done correctly looks cool to your opponents. Poker players take notice when a LAG player wins, so learning this way to play is genius.

To Play

LAG involves playing loosely on the preflop and aggressively on the streets. During the preflop it’s difficult for players to discern your hand, so bet loose until the postflop, then place aggressive high-pressure bets. LAG players will stay in the first round more often than typical players.

The Strategy is Easy

One strategy is to take advantage of those who fold too often during the preflop. Playing loose gives the chance to weed out some players. To LAGs, it doesn’t actually matter what cards they have at that moment since the real play is after the flop. Successful LAGs at times will play tight aggressive on the preflop so their opponents won’t discover what they are doing.

What Else

Another strategy takes advantage of players who call too often. Those players usually have a dollar threshold they won’t exceed and will fold on large bets. In LAG playstyle, a plan of action would be to call a few times instead of raising the bet to uproot those players. Your opponents still don’t have a lot of information as to what is in your hand.

Playing Someone Like You

When playing against another LAG player let them win the small pots positioning you to win big with a decent hand. Be sure to play tight aggressive and loose aggressive on the preflop so you won’t be discovered. Understanding LAG playstyle will provide a heads up on those who don’t know how to do it but wish they did.

Why Learn

Online 99 poker is fun, interactive, changes with each hand, and it’s possible to win money! That alone should be enough to learn the game. LAG style poker offers much more. It requires additional skills that challenge the brain, along with a bit of psychology to use against your opponents, right from home. Playing online provides the ability to become familiar with the game, hone strategies, and boost confidence. Best of all, it’s thrilling to win against others!

The Genius

LAG playstyle poker works on self-improvement as your brain learns something new. The interaction with other players is challenging and your expertise will make them wish they were that cool. During your downtime, you can sit in front of the TV, but you won’t gain knowledge, exercise your brain, boost self-confidence, or develop a new skill. LAG style poker provides all this, and…money!

High five! Follow These Rules for Profitable Wagering

High five! Follow These Rules for Profitable Wagering

Professional athletes require a high degree of discipline in order to harvest winning results. Those who make wagers in sports based on the performance of these athletes need just as much discipline. Ignoring simple rules, however, can lead to sickening losses. Follow these 5 guidelines to increase your chances of consistent winning results at betting on sites like www.sbobet.io.

Look at the Long Game

Investors in the stock market have all heard the speech about diversity. “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” In sports wagering, these guidelines do not change. Look at your wagers as a series of balanced long-term and short-term investments. A long-term investment would be betting on a team to make the playoffs at the end of a season. You aren’t betting which games they are going to win or how they are going to get there; you are betting on a result with a higher percentage of favorable results. A higher percentage for a payout exists, but the payouts are smaller and less frequent.

Short-term Opportunity

Putting your money on longer results should not be a precursor to avoiding day-to-day or weekly wagers. Many historical trends in sports remain fairly consistent. For example, two teams may play each other every year, and despite their current rosters or performance in the regular, finish the games with a small margin of differential. In another example, you may hear a weather report that will affect the spread in an outdoor game. Keeping some of your bankroll available to invest in these pop-up scenarios will provide beneficial results.

Be a History Student

Bettors often ignore history to their own detriment. Many times, bettors talk themselves out of history. “Ohio State and Wisconsin always finishes close, but even though Ohio State is giving up 10 points, I am still going to pick them because they are so much better this year.” Maybe, this statement will prove true. If the games finish close 80 percent of the time, that still means 20 percent of the time they do not. That being said, whether you are investing in stocks or sports, nobody will tell you that betting on 20 percent probability equals long-term profitability. Going with history means that history will likely look favorably on your wagers.


While it has been mentioned that value exists in jumping on a game right when the line is released, there can be just as much value in waiting it out. I have never used a sports book that doesn’t allow you to buy points. A bigger danger exists in placing the wager early, only to find out mid-week about the star player being injured or that a blizzard is expected to hit five minutes before opening kickoff.

Have Fun

Taking the wise advice of Yoda, fear and anger cloud your judgment. Having fun actually helps you see things with better clarity. Even though money is involved, don’t let it corrupt your profitability or love of the game.


What You Should Know Before Betting On Sports

What You Should Know Before Betting On Sports

Online betting in sports has recently become very popular and there are many sites that allow you to bet legally on sports. If you are thinking of starting your betting career online on sports that there are some things that you must know before you can start your betting. In this article, these 4 things are discussed in detail so you can start your journey after being fully aware of what you are getting into.

It isn’t legal everywhere

There are many websites that are legalized for sports betting, but they might not be legalized all over the world. You should read the terms and conditions of the website carefully and make sure that your country is legalized for sports betting. You can ask a lawyer to know for sure if you can start betting online in sports. It is a punishable crime to bet online if your location doesn’t allow it. Sports betting are fully legalized in some location, banned in some location and in some location, it is not clear. It is better to do proper research before starting your career in sports betting.

Not all websites are same

It is very easy to register on a sbobet asia betting website, but one should keep in mind that they are not all the same. The odds that the websites give can vary and should look at the odds in multiple websites before placing your bets for a single game to get the maximum profit. There is no fixed ratio and the odds are constantly changing. The best thing is to register on multiple websites and keep checking the odds so you can get the best deal for betting.

The bonuses aren’t fully free

The bonus that are offered by websites that often provides you a 300% bonus of the initial deposit up to $100 are not fully free. There are strings attached to the offer. In most websites, you have to bet the matching amount of your deposit in a fixed odd that is set by the website to unlock your bonus. There is also a fixed time within which you have to place bets up to the sum of your initial deposit to get your bonus. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before registering for a betting website.

If you can deposit money in the website it doesn’t mean that you can withdraw as well

Sometimes the method of depositing money to the website and withdrawing money from the website can be different. It is important to check both the methods of depositing and withdrawing money before registering for the website. You can contact their customer support to be sure that there is a way for you to withdraw your money as well.

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