It is a given that casino gambling nowadays is growing faster than ever. Big companies such as GLC Casino Club and Glenn Brother are all increasing their efforts to attract global audiences, despite the prohibition of American law on online gambling companies. Gambling industries have initiated expansion plans even though there are restrictions and time limits for people to play in some areas.

Super casino refers to the largest category of a casino and it is equivalent in size to the larger casinos in Las Vegas. It has a minimum customer area of more than 4,000 square meters and has a maximum of over 1,000 jackpot slot machines. Even though super casino is also considered controversial in some countries, this did not prevent owners from expanding the business to its full potential. In fact, they followed some rules implemented by some successful gambling companies in the US just to establish their own gambling businesses. Some of these rules cover the inclusion of hotels, conference facilities, and live entertainment areas in their respective casinos.

Meanwhile, some countries have implemented a limited scale in terms of constructing super casinos in their areas to prevent people from gambling. Various sites for the location of super casinos were announced by local councils in which they were short-listed in the long run. Some governments believe that the super casino business is not needed to boost regeneration and social activity and that it will merely make more people addicted to gambling. They suggest that the construction of museums, shopping centers, and sports arenas are much more purposeful than super casino gambling.

However, some people have taken this negatively and have said that the decision of the government toward gambling is impulsive and out of mind. Because of this, some governments have agreed to have super casinos established under some strict conditions. For example, gambling industries are restricted to open their casinos more than 18 hours a day. They are also barred to give free drinks to their customers. Moreover, minors are not allowed to play even if they are accompanied by their guardians.