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Some Distant Galaxy is a blog that aims to provide valuable information about Internet gambling. Ever since the site launched in 2001, the blog has never failed to tackle the different aspects of online/offline gambling. It has likewise taught countless of players about how to strategically and safely do gambling online.

The 5 Most Popular Online Games of Chance

The 5 Most Popular Online Games of Chance

Gambling has moved online in the last few decades. Sure, people still go to the casino. However, gambling from the comfort of your home is a lot easier. There is only one thing you need to know. Which are the most popular games to play online?    ...

How Slot Machines Actually Work

How Slot Machines Actually Work

Slot machines have a rich and colorful history. Originally, they were just simple machines that players might play when taking a break from other casino games. They became extremely popular. You don’t have to have any specialized knowledge about gambling to play them....

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