Roulette can be one of the more exciting and rewarding games at an online casino like Judi Bola. The trouble is that most players either avoid this game or don’t have a plan in place to build a bankroll. The following tips will help you to be in the best position to make money and build your bankroll playing roulette at the online casino.

Setting Your Gambling Limits

Before you can even attempt to win money playing roulette at the online casino, you need to have some sort of money management plan in place. The first thing to decide is how much money you would like to win today, a good rule of thumb is 20 percent of your bankroll. Going with that number, if you are playing roulette and win that number in 5 spins or 100 spins, it is important you turn off the game and get that money off the table.

Set up a losing limit and stick to this plan too. If you lose 20 percent of the bankroll in 5 spins or 100 spins, at that point you call it quits and are in the position to come back tomorrow to play ahead with a cooler head.

Playing the Low Risk Strategy

One strategy for winning at roulette at the online casino is playing very low risk bets. These outside bets, red/black, even/odd, and 1-18/19-36, all pay even money and usually come out frequently. Choose your outside bet, for this example we will go with red, and only bet the red each spin. It is very unlikely that black will come out for a dozen times in a row, so you are hoping for a nice run of red to build your chip stack.

If your goal is to hit $30 today and you get 6 red in a row at $5 a bet, you could be quitting ahead after only those 6 spins. This is a low-risk strategy that may appear boring, but can be very profitable if you are committed.

Trying to Hit it Big Fast

Those who must be playing high-risk to feel they are gambling will love betting single numbers at roulette. Assuming we bet $1 on the number 17, it will take 35 spins to lose $35 if that number never comes out. However, if the number 17 comes out just once, you win $35 on the $1 bet, and the earlier it happens the better.

Now if you are betting a number that happens to be coming out frequently, it is not uncommon for the same number to repeat three times within a very short span. In this case, you could win $100 or more and risk only a couple dollars, more than enough to take off the table and come back ahead tomorrow.

Stick to this plan and you are going to be in the best position to start growing a bankroll and withdrawing money instead of having to make deposits each week to stay in the game.