Whether you are an avid poker player or if you are just starting in the field, learning about different strategies is the key to scoring some massive wins. While there are many of these playstyles to learn, the Loose Aggressive (LAG) strategy is often cited by experienced players due to its overall efficacy.

One of the best things about the LAG playstyle is its ability to be applied to online poker games just as well as their real world counterpart. To help you learn how to use LAG in online poker, here is an easy to understand guide about this playstyle.

How Does LAG Work?

If you hold some knowledge on poker strategies, then the mention of Loose Aggressive would immediately ring a bell due to its association with the more popular Tight Aggressive (TAG) playstyle. However, LAG differs from TAG due to a variety of reasons.

For starters, the LAG strategy uses a more sporadic approach as compared to the constricted TAG. The LAG playstyle also makes use of additional hands in a single game. With that being said, LAG still goes by an aggressive play throughout the game.

Due to these qualities, the LAG playstyle can be highly useful in buying you some added leverage. This holds true whether you are standing against real world players or trying your hand in an online poker setting.

How to Exploit a LAG Playstyle in Online Poker?

While executing the LAG playstyle in online poker, you have to follow pretty much the same rules as a real world poker table. This means that if you have ever played LAG in real life, you can easily apply the strategy to an online setting without much worry.

You just need to make sure that you are keeping the following crucial points about the playstyle in mind.

1) Steal Pre-Flop Pots With a Clear Strategy

By default, your goal is to be as aggressive as possible while still making way for additional hands. This is why, you need to strategize to steal as many pots before the “flop”, which is when the first three cards on the table are revealed.

You can achieve this feat by focusing on getting raises before the flop is dealt. Depending upon the table, you can do so through a variety of incremental bets.

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

In order to apply the LAG playstyle in all its glory, you need to put your fears of losing behind you. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid of making multiple raises in even post-flop play.

Being focused on raising bets at opportune times puts optimal pressure on your opponents. It also helps you in steering clear of being put in a spot and increases the number of hands in a game.

3) Make Your Decisions With a Clear Strategy

LAG is all about baring your claws and going ahead with an aggressive approach in as many hands as possible. However, you still need to read the room and make these decisions in a strategic manner.

Rather than being aggressive for the sake of it, make sure to control your attacks for specific hands. This means that you shouldn’t back down from multiple raises. But you still need to be unpredictable. For many players, that is where the “loose” in Loose Aggressive comes from.

By striking the perfect balance between being controlled and being aggressive, you can master LAG for aplikasi judi online poker in no time.