UEFA European Championship 2021 is expected to embark on 16th June 2021, with Turkey battling with Italy. It is a fantastic tournament to find the Champions of Europe in terms of countries. The previous champions were Portugal in 2016. The tournament was supposed to take place in 2020, though with coronavirus, it was rescheduled to 2021. The Premier League and other top leagues are over. However, the Euros will be an excellent tournament to bet on. It would be best to find the ideal bets that you understand to enjoy as you watch the games. Besides, it can be an ideal way to earn extra. Below are the top five bets you can rely on during the oncoming Euros.


Full-Time Results

There are only three outcomes in a full-time result during a match. Even though if the match proceeds to 120 minutes, one of the full-time results, a draw, would have been achieved. It is one of the oldest and most used bets in soccer. You need to identify if a team will win, or lose, or draw. When you are confident in your choice, you will place one of the three bets. Researching more on the form and history of the team will help you pick your bets. Euros offers a wide variety of matches, and you can bet on full-time results as you enjoy watching the game.



In goal-goal, there are only two choices. One of the options is when both two teams score. You will have won your bet when both the teams in a match score, regardless of the number of goals scored. If both the teams tend to score many goals, then a goal-goal will be a good bet.


On the other hand, there is the no-goal option. Here, you expect a clean sheet. It can be a goalless draw, or one of the teams fails to concede a goal. Teams with solid defense can be an ideal choice in this case.


Double Chance

Double chance is a way of spreading risk when Em Wetten. You can back a team to winning a match. However, due to the effectiveness of the other team, there can be the probability of a draw. In such a case, you can bet for two options in one bet. You will have increased your chances of winning the bet. Though, the wagers will be reduced.


Half Time Results

You can reduce the best to results achieved at half time. Most teams score most of their goals during the second half. Therefore, you will expect fewer goals during the first half of the match. You can take advantage of this to predict the match’s outcome in the first half or predict the total number of goals scored.


Total Goals: Over/Under

You can bet on the total number of goals scored in a match during the Euros 2021. Betting companies do have goal limits to bet on. For instance, when it is against 2.5, you will bet the total number of goals be less than three or three and above.