If you know anything about the world of online gambling, you will know there are millions of Indonesians that gamble every month.

Not only that, but there are also Indonesian companies that own some of the top online casinos.

Why is gambling so popular in Indonesia though, and is that likely to continue?

Indonesia is a Muslim country — Indonesia is the country with more Muslims in its population than any other country in the world. In fact, more than 13% of the entire world’s Muslims live in Indonesia.

Due to this, the country also has some of the world’s strictest gambling laws. Gambling is outlawed under Islamic law and, if caught, fines and jail sentences can be harsh.

Of course, like anything that is made illegal, people want to participate in it. The same goes for Indonesians who gamble just as much as any other population on the planet, if not more so. They just do it knowing it is illegal.

Gambling has always been in Indonesian culture — Like hundreds of millions of other Asians, Indonesians have always gambled. Whether due to gambling in underground casinos, at home with parents and friends or even on cockfights in the countryside.

In fact, even today, gambling on all of these things and others is still extremely popular all over the country.

Gambling is lucrative — Gambling, for example on situs slot online, is an extremely lucrative business in Indonesia and elsewhere. This means some of the wealthiest people in Indonesia own online casinos and make a large part of their income from them.

Due to this, it is in their own best interests to make sure their fellow citizens have access to them as well.

That is why some of these people are also behind illegal gambling clubs in the country, as well as are financing some of the Internet’s most popular online casinos. Both of which give Indonesians easier access to gambling facilities.

Online gambling — Gambling has become even more popular in the last couple of decades as so much gambling has now moved online. This means it is even easier for Indonesians to gamble on their favorite casino-style games.

After all, while the government of Indonesia blocks most of these online casinos, most people know how to access them via a VPN. That means the vast majority of Indonesians still gamble as much as they ever have done. With easy access to the Internet and to VPNs, however, it is even more simple for them.

Is gambling in Indonesia likely to continue? — When you look at the history of gambling in the country, and on how much millions of its citizens love to gamble, it is obvious the popularity of the pastime will not only continue but will likely increase.