Slot games are one of the most popular forms of online gambling out there. There are tons of these fun games available one sites like game slot online indonesia. Serious slot game fans know the best ones to play, whether it’s just for a bit of fun or to make some money. Below are a few of the fan favorites.


Most Popular Classic Online Slot Machine Games


If you like a good old fashion traditional slot machine game, there are several online replicas out there. These types of slot machine games are easy to play. Simply match three symbols in a row and you are a winner. Three of the most popular 3 reel slot games are Mega Joker, Fire Joker, and Alchemist’s lab. There are also many traditional style 5 reel slot games as well with just a few more added reels. Each traditional slot game has an old school feel with their own individual themes. Jackpots are not typically as large as the progressive slot games that are available. Jackpots can be random; however, with most classic slot games a monetary win is traditionally obtained by matching three reels. This creates excitement along with a chance to win big.


Top Online Progressive Slot Games


A progressive slot game is a luxury type slot game that has different levels and will typically start out with a larger jackpot that grows as the game goes on. Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, and Age of the Gods are three of the most popular progressive slot games educated fans love. In 2013 Mega Moolah made the Guinness Book of World Records highest online slot machine payout. It was superseded though by Mega Fortune In 2015. Age of Gods is not quite as well known as the Mega games however it is still very popular, and it does have random progressive jackpot rounds so the potential to make a large sum of money is there as well.


A Few Top Mobile Slot Games


In this day and age you can do anything on a Smart Phone. There are many mobile apps that you can play slots on as well. Some of the most well-loved Mobile Slot Games out there are Cashmania slots, 777 slots, and Titans wrath. Each of these are available on Android and IOS. Most offer a start off bonus just for downloading the game along with the possibility of added bonuses during game play. However, many times the payouts on these games are are lower than an actual spin cost so plays can run out quickly.


Slot machine games have been around for years. They have stood the test of time and even the internet. Once only a casino attraction now you can play them in the comfort of your own home.