Anyone about to start playing poker online probably wonders how does it differ from playing in an offline casino? Is gameplay the same? Are you chances of winning the same or easier? Will you enjoy it as much?


You can play at any time with no waiting — One of the problems playing at a real casino is you cannot always get into the games you want to play. This being due to limited numbers of tables at each level of stake, and with many people wanting to play.

When playing poker or domino99 online, however, you can always find a table to play at and there is never any waiting. This being due to the thousands of poker tables available online, and in every stakes level you could possibly want.

You get free money to play with — Most of the reputable online casinos offer free cash to new players, and you only have to sign up to get it. This can give you enough money to play a few games of poker before you even have to spend a dollar of your own money.


Free poker games — These same online casinos also have free poker games you can get into. While you will not win any cash if you win any of these games, they are an excellent way to learn an online poker platform and to practice your game before committing real money.


Online poker players tend to be younger — Due to the nature of technology and the Internet, those that play poker online tend to be younger and those that play offline are older.


This sometimes means you will end up playing against new opponents much more often, as younger players overall do not have as much money to spend.


You can play many more hands — As you can only be in one place at once, you can only play in one poker game offline at the same time.


The online poker world, however, is very different. Most casinos do not limit how many games you can play in simultaneously. This means you, and many other online players, will be playing in three, four, five or more games all at the same time.


This allows you to play more hands in one sitting, and increases your chances of winning. As long as you are able to concentrate on that many hands at once, that is.


Volume of games allows you to get through variance — Even if you only play low stakes games online, simply due to the number of games you can play in a month, you should be able to win more.


This is due to the large number of games you will play allowing you to get through any variance that may occur, and win more than you will lose.