Domino games have been around for almost nine centuries. For a game to survive that long, then it has to be super fantastic. With the influx in online sites, domino is again surging in popularity, and you cannot help but wish you could join in on all the fun. This article is to give you a guide through the game of dominoes.

Basics of Domino QQ

Domino is not your standard card game. Instead, it uses tiles where there are cards and sets where there are decks. What is even more unique with these tiles is the two numbers each contains on each side.

It shows 21 different possible combinations. A good example is a tile with one side three, and the other side 6; the tile, therefore, is referred to as 3-6 or 6-3. But if tiles have the same numbers on both sides, it’s referred to as a double.

A common term used is pips to mean the total numbers on each tile. There are two most popular variations of dominoes. These are Block Games and Draw games. Today’s focus is on Block games.

How to play Domino QQ Block Games

It’s probably the most played of all Harapanqq games. It’s unsurprising considering how simple it is to grasp the rules. Block games need two players. Each player picks least seven tiles from the 28 double sets lying face down on the table. The remaining 21 tiles are usually put away for the next game, and you can’t use them again in the ongoing match.

The first player puts a random tile face up, and the other player picks one as well and places it next to the first. The rule here is that the other player has to put a card with the same pips as the first. For example, if the first tile was a 2-6, the next tile needs two or a 6. It goes on for the round.

Winning is another issue. You win if you finish all your tiles before the other player and announce ‘dominoes,’ Your points are the total number of pips the other has. And you can continue playing as many rounds as you desire.

In the Block game, it’s common for the game to end with a block. If a player cannot play a tile to match the pips on the playing table, he/she pass their turn to the next player. But if the next player is also unable, it’s a block because they all have the tiles left.

The winner is, therefore, one who has the least amount of pips. For example, if I have 2-6, 1-3, and 4-4, my total pips are the addition of all those numbers, 20. And you have 2-2 and 6-4 left, your pips are 14, and you win.


A domino is quite a fun game and easy to play. You can give it a shot for fun or real money. All in all, be sure of fun time ahead.