If you were to spend more than an hour or two on just about any online casino, you would quickly see there are five top online casino games most gamblers bet on.


What are these games and why are they so popular?


Slot machine games — The slots have always been one of the top five online casino games. This is primarily due to two reasons — the huge number of slot machines available, and the large jackpots when a player is lucky enough to win.


Slots are also fun to play, you can increase your chances of winning a large amount by betting on more win lines, and they are fast paced. All of this combined means they tend to be some of the most exciting games in any online casino.


Blackjack — Blackjack is very popular for three big reasons. First, it is an easy game to learn, as it does not have any complicated rules to agonize over. Second, it is just the player playing against the dealer, so your competition is also low.


Finally, the house advantage when playing blackjack is one of the lowest of any game. That means you have more of a chance of winning as well.


Keno — With the large number of Asian players now gambling at online casinos, keno has become one of the top five online casino games.


It is a game that is popular all over Asia and, as it does not require any great skill to play, it is played by everyone from beginning gamblers to those who are more experienced.


It is also a fun game as it just requires choosing a set of numbers. If the majority of those numbers come up when the keno machine chooses its numbers, the player wins.


Roulette — Roulette is a game that is popular due to it being featured on movies like James Bond and in popular TV shows. It is a game that is seen to be glamorous, so sought out by those who love to feel like gambling online is a glamorous pastime.


The main reason roulette is so popular online, however, is due to the simple way bets can be placed, and the high chances of winning at every spin of the wheel.


Poker — The fifth top kasino online game is poker. This is a game that is played all over the world offline so, when poker became a game that could be played online, a huge number of players moved online to do so.


Poker is challenging, there are always games available to join and the pot can be high.


There are also many online poker tournaments that can be very lucrative. These tournaments have increased the popularity of the game, as more and more players want to be able to be good enough at the game to be able to enter them.