Even if you have played domino qq offline for decades, playing the game online is a different experience entirely.

To the point that many new domino qq online players start out playing the game, and then wonder quickly why they are always losing.

While domino 99 online is the same game as offline, it also has different features that can make it seem as if you are playing a different game entirely. Follow these tips and moving your gameplay online will not seem so challenging.

Register with several casinos — One of the mistakes new online players make is finding one casino and registering just on that one. As online casinos give out both cash bonuses for registration and for being a loyal player, you should be registered with three or four of them.

That way you can maximize the free cash you have to play with each month, and be able to afford to play more games.

Check a casino’s reputation — Many online casinos are reputable. Some others are not. Check an online casino’s reputation with other online gamblers before you register with it. That way you are not putting any money at risk by depositing it with a casino that turns out to be dodgy.

Get tips from other domino qq online players — There are chat rooms online populated by some of the best domino qq players in the world. Join one of these online forums and ask for advice about playing the game on the Internet.

You will usually get help registering with the best online casinos, as well as tips on how to play domino qq online when you are just a beginner.

Improve and speed up your game — Once you begin playing the game online, you will learn that you are playing against some of the world’s best domino qq players.

That is why you should improve your game before playing online. You should also speed it up, as online players tend to be much faster than the speed you are used to playing offline.

Practice against family or friends offline, or play some practice games online before starting to play for real cash.

Take advantage of free domino qq games — Most of the reputable online casinos offering domino qq also have free games you can play. They do this to entice new players by giving them a taste of how much fun playing online can be.


Take advantage of these games on several online casinos by playing only them for a couple of days. By doing this, you can improve your online skills, as well as become comfortable with that particular casino’s software. All of this can be done without you risking any of your bankroll.

Once you register with these casinos and start to play for real, you will see how much better your skills now are and how much faster you can now play domino qq online.