Each of these tips can be used by anyone who is betting sports online. It does not matter what type of experience you have.


This is one tip that is not mentioned a lot, but I feel it has merit. You need to trust that the advice anyone gives you (whether you read something I wrote in a blog or something from someone else) is going to lead you in the right direction.

You cannot just pick and choose what tips to follow and disregard the rest. You are not someone living in the bible belt using only half of the scripture to make your narrow-minded views to someone. It is better to listen and read everything that is presented to you.

Not everyone is going to lead you down the wrong path. Some of us want you to succeed in placing sports bets online.

The other difference is that the advice you are getting (from me or someone else) comes free-of-charge. I and others do not charge for the information, unlike other sites.

The Staking Plan

This is a term used in the online betting world. Some of you might not know what it means. That is when you decide how much you want to wager based on the size of your budget. Now, some people do not follow this guideline, and they should.

A staking plan will help to minimize losses. The ideal percent is 1-2%. You should never go beyond 5%. I do not care what others have told you. Once more, a staking plan will help to minimize the loss while not getting overanxious about blowing your entire bankroll.

Money does not fall from trees. There is no way that anyone has an endless supply of money. I do not care what you hear in the news. At some point, the money will run out. That is why you need to plan.

A staking plan will also help you to avoid chasing losses and make better choices.

Be Selective and Minimize Randomness

This is not a time to be random about something. You are not buying up every stock option known to man (knowing that some options will crash and burn). You need to be very selective about what you wager.

Not all odds are going to work. Sometimes the number one team you place all your winnings on will crash and burn. It is a numbers game. Sometimes the underdog is the winner.

That is why you need to learn everything you can about the teams before you place a wager. A few well-thought-out moves are going to yield better results than a lot of random choices that hold nothing of value. If you want to try your hand at sports betting after reading this guide, check out 메이저놀이터.