Gambling online for beginners is confusing. There are many online casinos to choose from, many games to play and only a few hours in a day to do so. When you add in that some games are easier than others, but you are not sure which ones, getting started gambling online can be frustrating.


Start with these three games, though, and you will find them not only easy to play but also the perfect beginning for a long career gambling online.


Blackjack — Many new gamblers do not want to start betting on games that involve a lot of other people. That is why they will avoid playing Poker or Roulette, and instead begin with Blackjack.


After all, Blackjack is just you against the dealer but, more important than that, it is also an incredibly fun game to play.


The rules state you either win if your cards add up to 21, or if the other person’s cards exceed that number. It could not be more simple, or more fun.


Keno — If you can buy a lottery ticket, you can play Keno. After all, just like with the lottery, the only thing you have to do is pick a few numbers.

Once those numbers have been chosen, the Keno machine chooses its numbers, and then you see if any of yours match.


Bingo — If you have played Bingo at your local church, you can play Bingo online.


It is also so easy to play, even first-time gamblers online can immediately get into a game of Bingo with as much chance of winning as anyone else.


There are no complicated rules to play, and no bid decisions to make. Just get your electronic Bingo card, and start marking off the numbers on it as they are called.