Newbies to basketball betting often wonder if there is a way to maximize their chances of placing smart bets. After all, punters do well with basketball bets all the time, so there must be some tips that can help them do the same.


While no tip is 100% guaranteed to help anyone place and win a bet on gambling sites like, following specific tips can improve your chances. Particularly if you are new to basketball betting, and so do not understand some of the basics yet.


Bet the over/under bets — Start your basketball betting by gambling on the over/under bet. After all, you do not have to know a lot about the game’s intricacies to do well with one of these, and you do not need to know much about the teams either.


All you are doing is gambling on the total number of points the teams will score. Get within a specific range, and you have a winning bet.

Do you see court fatigue? — Court fatigue can often begin to set in midway through the season, as teams have traveled so much they are exhausted. Specifically look for court fatigue occurring in teams that have been playing back to back games, as this can reduce their chances of winning the next game.


If you find it, research how well they have played in the last few games. If not so well, bet on the opposing team.


Bet on the first half moneyline — One of the most simple ways of getting into basketball betting is to place bets on the first half moneyline. All you are doing is deciding which team will be winning by the end of the first half, and betting accordingly.


That gives you a 50% chance of winning, and also makes watching the game a lot of fun.


First-half total points — A riskier bet than betting on the first half moneyline, you can also bet on the first-half total points. This type of bet is the total points for each team combined and, if you arrive within a specific point spread, it could be a great bet.


Bet on the winning team against the losing team — If you look into two team’s past wins and losses, and see that one team always wins more than the other, bet on the winning team.


Of course, a losing team can win an upcoming game but, as the season continues, it becomes less and less likely.


Value bets can pay off — While there are not usually a lot of value bets available, they do occasionally pop up. Especially when a bookmaker has made a mistake, or has overlooked something important. Look for these bets, and exploit them.


After all, if you do place a successful bet on a value bet, the amount you can win can be quite large.